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Our Fabrics Selection

We boast one of the largest showrooms of fabric in Northern Indiana with thousands of fabric, vinyl, and leather samples to choose from. It's hard not to fall in love at first sight with the right fabric for your needs when browsing our collection. We carry a wide variety of brands, below you will find a list of our contracts with links to their websites so you can browse the fabrics we offer right from the comfort of your home! Give us a call to inquire about prices. 

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Can I supply my own fabric?

Yes! You are always welcome to bring your own material, however please be aware that a cutting and inspection fee may apply. 

How should I clean my fabric?

This would depend on the specifications of your fabric. Most fabrics are dry clean only, but we do carry a wide selection of washable fabrics. Every fabric is different but we can guide and show you how to select the best fabric for your needs!

Do you carry genuine leather or suede?

We sure do! In nearly every color and grain. We also offer a selection of hair on hide leathers.